The Hammock and Hanging chair Expert

The hammock , hanging chair and mosquito net specialist since 1981. All our original South American hammocks and hanging chairs are of a high quality and we give a 3 year warranty when used correctly. We are an importer and producer and we always have a large stock. Quick shipping and delivery through our courier network.

Our Collection

Finish and Quality

Our top Brazilian hammocks are all finished with beautiful macramé ends, which ensure an optimal spread. Not straightforward but sophistication and refinement. For the real enthusiasts.

We have expanded our hanging chair collection with very comfortable loungers, all of a high quality and very strong due to the use of double layers of fabric. Our loungers are a cross between the hammock and the hanging chair and with the stands a fantastic solution when there is not much space.

In addition to our hammocks and hanging chairs, we have also had a large mosquito net collection since 1985. The mosquito nets are available online in our webshop, in our store on Bonaire and from next summer in our new store in the Netherlands. Both synthetic and of a unique quality cotton.

The Most Popular Hammocks

Our Best Selling Hanging Chairs

Installation and Suspesion

The hammock or hanging chair can be attached with a suspension system or in a wooden or metal hammock stand or hanging chair stand. Our stands are made of FSC certified wood or of high quality cultivated pressed bamboo. We do not use wood from primary forests. All our products are produced with great care and skill. The employees of our partners have a permanent contract with good social provisions.