Arc Larch with hanging chair Tiburon Laguna Complete Set with cushions


Weight25 kg

100% cotton, Larch wood


140 cm

pillow filling

With 2 inner cushions

Carry Capacity

140 kg

Pillow covers

With 2 pillowcases




3 years

2 in stock

Load capacity 160kg

Wide 150cm Height 170cm

Warranty 3 years with proper use.


Our Arc Larch standard with the Tiburon Laguna hanging chair. This hanging chair with macrame finish has a contemporary chic look and looks great on a sleek terrace. Because the stand is 150cm wide at the top, it gives a spacious feeling and you are not cramped. The hanging chair is easy to move, because the chair can be easily removed with the supplied S-hooks. With its macramé finish, this chair belongs to what we stand for. Contemporary products while retaining traditional techniques. And in the spring the stand can be turned so that you can still sit in the spring sun. Even in a warmer winter month, because the cushions provide better protection against the cold.


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