How do you sleep in a hammock?

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That’s the first thing people think of when they hear the word hammock. But a hammock can be used in multifunctional ways. One can both sit and lie in it. If one likes to use the hammock to sit in it, it should be hung in a wider arc so that the hammock rises more steeply at the suspension points and, if one’s back is turned to the suspension point, one can easily sit in it. Sleeping like this is also possible, but really only for the purpose of snapping an owl, so for a very short period of time. Falling asleep like this for longer periods of time is bad for the lower back and the head may also start to droop limply forward.

In order for the hammock to be good for a longer sleeping period, it should be hung in a slight arc and be wide enough to lie in diagonally, i.e. at an angle of 30-60 degrees from the suspension point.

This way the back lies flat and there is no pressure on the lower vertebrae. The required width of the hammock depends on the height of the person, who wants to use it as such.

What size hammock to choose?

  • For persons up to 160cm in length, a hammock of at least 150cm width is sufficient.
  • Persons up to 175cm will suffice with a width of 165cm.
  • For persons up to 195cm, a width of 185cm is sufficient.
  • For taller people, we recommend our Gigante, which has a width of 210cm.

In all the cases, one does need to put a blanket under the body, because when sleeping, the body cools down too much. After all, a hammock does not insulate. You can also choose to stretch a cloth under the hammock, close to the hammock, to create an insulation layer. Normally, of course, one can just lie in the hammock and sit up slightly and, of course, a blanket is not necessary.

Sometimes large side flaps are put on the hammock, with which one can cover oneself. Those large side flaps are found especially among the Wayuu Indians, who live in the deserts of La Guaira, where the nights can be chilly. They also often sleep with several people in their hammocks, which can be up to 250cm wide and are sometimes true works of art. The somewhat simpler side flaps of brazilian hammocks can also be used to cover up, but be sure to choose an original crochet side flap.

Types of Hammocks

In our climate, the mexican hammocks are totally unsuitable for sleeping in, but in high temperatures they do give a lot of cooling, because they are open woven and due to the slight movement of the hammock, there is always an airflow going through it. In case of very hot days and hot nights, they are very suitable though.

An alternative to hammocks are our Loungers, which have a double layer of cotton and where one lies half and sits half. For a nap, they are ideally suited. They give the same degree of relaxation as the hammocks and because we have added 2 pockets, one can keep his phone or other accessory or drink at hand. The loungers can further be used like a real hanging chair, with the feet on the ground.

To sleep outdoors in a hammock, you can buy a travel hammock, but we would like to point out, that they must be wide enough, because due to the lack of tension wires at the end of the lying surface, they can only open to a limited extent. We recommend a minimum width of 165cm when buying a travel hammock, but our preference is for a width of 200cm.