The hanging chair trends of 2022

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Without a doubt, the trend for 2021 and 2022 will be the lounger hammock chair constructed of 2 layers of fabric. The lounger is a cross between a hammock and a hanging chair.

It has a fixed foot/ lower leg section attached, which leads for a totally relaxed position of the body. Many customers breathe a sigh of relief when they sit down in our loungers and get a very cozy feeling. Like the hammock, the body can totally relax. This is not comparable to the hanging chairs that come with a separate footrest. Because the lower leg is not supported there, there is too much stress on the Achilles tendon and that is not the case with our loungers. There is total support of the whole body.

Extra Strong and Robust

By using two layers of fabric, our loungers are strong and robust, and you can also hang them in the sun early in the spring, because the double layers provide good insulation against the spring cold. That loungers are going to be a trend is not an idea out of our hands. Because we have been the #1 hammock store in Europe for 35 years, we could feel future trends very well and it was startling to see, that from 2017 the customers who came to our showroom in Aalsmeer very often chose a lounger instead of a hammock and customers, who went for normal hammocks, went for a hammock. hanging chairs also came away with a lounger. Often with a stand attached, because then one can place the lounger anywhere. In the sun or out of the sun. Indoor or outdoor. And all without the help of others, which is often the case with a hammock stand.

The trend was confirmed last year in our store on Bonaire, where 60% of sales were loungers, mostly with a base.

The Expert since 1981

We started selling the first loungers back in 2012 in our hammock store on the Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam and have added new models over the years. From the beginning our visitors were very enthusiastic, but our collection was still too small and the pricing was too high for most customers.

Many of the loungers were sold to the Middle East and to the USA, but interest also began to grow in Europe. In 2016, we added the high-end Jeans loungers and made-to-order leather loungers to the collection. In terms of pricing, these were not yet accessible to most customers.

Started production of our double layer loungers in Brazil in 2018. These loungers are now available in a number of colors and designs and we will be adding more designs. For the loungers, we use different qualities and types of fabric. For some loungers, we use polycotton. To make them more resistant to the sun and other loungers are made entirely of cotton, which is preferred by many people. The Jeans loungers are made of high quality denim and get after washing and hanging in the sun. That nice, slightly worn jeans look.