Mexican Hammock Matrimonial (Double) Caribe


Weight2.000000 kg
Carry Capacity

200 kg

length of lying surface

200 cm


100% cotton

Minimum hanging distance

320 cm

Minimale ophanghoogte

150 cm

Total Length

360 cm






1 year

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A real hand-made hammock made in the Yucatan Penisula (Mexico). Suitable for use by 2 people.


<2>Handmade Mexican hammock

The ‘Matrimonial’ is a perfect size for people up to 6’4 feeth height or for 2 persons. The Mayan (on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico) developed a weaving technique that is similar to a technique used by native Indian tribes of the Amazon forest. These hammocks look like colourful fishing nets, with the difference that the net does not contain a single knot. This gives this hammock its high flexibility. Mexican hammocks are often made of different colours. The Mexican hammocks are most comfortable when lying crossways in them. This way the weaving of the hammock can support the whole body. Because of their open woven structure the Mexican hammocks are more vulnerable than closed woven hammocks. Be careful with buttons and buckles as these can get caught in the thread. The ‘Matrimonial Especial’ is made of a thicker thread and therefore is much sturdier. As these hammocks are hand crafted, variations in the colour and design will occur from the hammocks shown on this page. The Mexico ‘Matrimonial’ hammock fits in all of our hammock stands.

  • Min. hanging distance: 350 cm
  • Min. hanging height: 180cm
  • Carry capacity: 250kg
  • Weight: 1400 gram


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