Hammock Momposina natural dyed Nr.2


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Hammock Momposina naturally dyed No.2
In addition to the hammocks colored with synthetic paint, our weavers also weave hammocks, which they color with dyes extracted from natural products such as plants, roots, leaves and fruits. The yarns colored with natural dyes are sun and rain resistant. Geometric figures are embroidered in these hand-woven hammocks, which almost do not merge into the whole. These are absolutely unique hammocks, which can only be found at Marañon in this quality and size.


Dyeing the yarns is a time-consuming process, as our weavers first have to find the ingredients for the dye baths and also have to cook the yarns in the decoctions of these ingredients, which leads to colors such as golden brown, beige, light blue, yellow, lilac. , pink, etc. Because the yarns have been boiled, the hammocks no longer shrink during cleaning.

We make these naturally dyed hammocks in our XL size, but shorter or longer sizes can be made to order. Our XL hammocks have a width of 185 cm. The hammocks from this series are tightly woven and very strong, giving them a high load capacity of up to 250 kg

  • Width: 185 cm
  • Length fabric: 260 cm
  • Total length: 400 cm
  • Load capacity: 250 kg
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in Columbia



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