Hammock Momposina Natural Paint with Comfort Standard


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Load capacity 200kg

Wide 100cm Length 400cm

Warranty 5 years on the standard

5 years on the hammock with proper use



Beautiful hammock painted with natural paint with the comfortable Comfort Standard. This is the only stand on the market in which one can not only lie down, but also sit with one’s back to the upright without the stand tipping backwards. The hammock is painted with natural products and is therefore sun-resistant. Well, as with all cotton hammocks, make sure it doesn’t stay outside wet for long. Always dry thoroughly to prevent mold formation and if the hammock often gets wet, wash it occasionally or take it to the Dry Cleaning. The stand is indestructible and that is why we give a 5-year warranty. The stand is easy to assemble and disassemble. Easy to store in winter.


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