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Hammock Tiburon XL soft brown

Premium hammock with a carry capacity of up to 660 lbs (300kg). Suitable for use by two people. A high quality 100% cotton hammock made in Brazil.

The 'Tiburon' hammock collection is part of our premium collection. This is an extremely high quality hammock made of cotton and has a carry capacity of up to 660 lbs (300kg). Our XL sized hammocks are very suitable for use by two people and extra tall individuals. The natural color blends in well with the garden, but can also be used inside the house. The 'Tiburon' hammocks are finished with macramé. Macramé is an authentic Brazilian way of finishing the hammock. Macramé weaving improves the way weight is spread out over the hammock increasing the carry capacity and improving comfort. This hammock can be suspended at a minimum distance of 13'5''(410cm) and minimum height of 5'5'' (165 cm). If you suspend the hammock slightly higher a shorter hanging distance can be used. The lying surface of the hammock is extra big for extra comfort when used by 2 people. Our Xl hammocks fit perfectly in the 'Aluminum' and 'Arc' hammock stands.

  • Width: 6'1'' (185cm)
  • Length lying surface: 7'1'' (240cm)
  • Minimum hanging height: 5'5'' (165cm)
  • Minimum hanging distance: 13'5'' (410cm)
  • Maximum capacity: 660 lbs (300kg)
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Tension ropes: 60
  • Warranty: 3 years against breakage
More Information
SizeFamily - XL
Country of ManufactureBrazil
Warranty5 years
Minimal hanging height170 cm
Total length420 cm
Material100 % Cotton
Carry capacity300 kg
Length Cloth240 cm
Width185 cm
Minimal hanging distance400 cm
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