Authentic Habana Hammock Ikat XL Natural Paint Handwoven.


Weight10 kg
Total Length

400 cm


185 cm

Carry Capacity

250 kg

length of lying surface

260 cm


Natural Dye



Minimum hanging distance

360 cm

Minimale ophanghoogte

170 cm


Huis en tuin > Tuin en gazon > Buitenleven > Hangmatten > Hangmat met standaard

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Wide 185cm Length of lying surface 260cm Total length 400cm

Load capacity 250kg Warranty 5 years with proper use

100% cotton


This hammock is hand-woven and made from yarns that are manually boiled into the cotton thread with different colors. The dyes used for this are extracts of plant material, such as tree bark, roots, etc. leaves, herbs, etc and are sun resistant. They therefore do not discolour under the influence of sunlight. There are very few weavers who master this technique and we are the only ones who produce and sell this quality. The hammock has a length of 400cm and a width of 185cm, but we can have them made to any desired length and width. Then the delivery time is 2-3 months. The hammock is suitable for 1 or 2 people and has a load capacity of 250 kg. DIRECTLY FROM COLOMBIA. DELIVERY TIME 60 DAYS BECAUSE OUR WEAVERS ONLY WORK ON ORDER


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