Mexican hammock

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Showing all 12 results

The Mexican hammock is known as one of the most comfortable hammocks in the world. The (hand) woven, airy structure ensures that the mat takes the shape of your body, so that you can relax in it. Find out more about this special hammock!

Braided according to age-old tradition

All of our Mexican hammocks are handmade on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is for this reason that these hammocks are sometimes called Yucatan or Maya hammocks. The mats are braided from strong cotton, according to age-old tradition. As a result, the larger copies of these net hammocks can also be used by several people.

Mexican hammocks in all sizes

With us you will find Mexican hammocks in all shapes and sizes. Because while one person likes to snuggle in a hammock for two, the other prefers to relax alone. At Marañon we sell the following Mexican hammocks:

    • Single hammock
      This hammock is suitable for people up to 170 cm. This size weighs about 1000 grams.
    • matrimonial
      For a European of average height, or for two people. This hammock weighs approximately 1250 grams.
    • family
      A hammock with an extra width for tall people or as a very comfortable hammock for two people. This hammock weighs about 1500 grams.
    • Matrimonial Special
      We developed this hammock in 2002. The thicker wire means that the hammock is sturdier and stronger than a traditional Mexican hammock. This hammock is suitable for one or two people and weighs about 2000 grams.
    • Family Special
      The extra thick wire of this hammock provides more strength and a higher load capacity. The familial is suitable as a hammock for tall people or as an extremely comfortable hammock for two people. The hammock weighs about 2500 grams.

Relax advice

In the Mexican hammock, it is best to lie sideways so that the fabric properly supports each part of your body. Due to the open net, the hammock is slightly more vulnerable than other hammocks. So be careful with, for example, buttons or zippers that could snag on the hammock.

Find your Mexican hammock

Can’t wait to relax in your own Mexican hammock? If you have any questions, please contact our expert staff.