Mexico Hammock Familial Watermelon


Weight2.000000 kg
Carry Capacity

250 kg

length of lying surface

200 cm


100% cotton

Minimum hanging distance

360 cm

Minimale ophanghoogte

160 cm

Total Length

400 cm


160 cm


Double – Large




2 years

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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Beautiful single hammock in a size, which is suitable for persons up to 170cm. One can also enter it with 2 smaller persons. Mexican hammocks are great for warm weather, but we do not recommend them for children to play in. One can easily get stuck on one of the wires with a piece of jewelry or a knot, and then it is important not to give a hard tug, as the wire may break. Do not then tie the two loose ends together directly, as this thread will become shorter than the rest and break again.
But people who know the mexican hammocks never want another one. They are therefore really fine, special hammocks, which are knotted in the same way as the hammocks of the Indians from the Amazon forest.


The Marañon Mexico hammock are produced on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The hammock are woven in a centuries-old traditional way from strong cotton and are very comfortable and spacious due to the open net structure.

With all the Mexican hammocks, one must be careful not to snag on one of the wires and then pull them apart when standing up. Pay attention when wearing jewelry or a belt or buttons that can get snagged. Be careful not to get the wires tangled at the ends. Then get the wires back in order as soon as possible.


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