Mosquitonet single rectangle cotton


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Rectangular mosquito net for use with single bed. Generous overlap at the entrance to make sure mosquito’s and other insects can not get in.
Height: 85″ (215 cm)
Width: 40″ (100 cm)
Length: 83″ (210 cm)


Mosquito net suitable for use with a single sized bed. This rectangular has a generously overlapping entrance to prevent the possibilities of mosquito’s and other bugs to enter. This mosquito net needs four suspension points. A rectangular mosquito net provides a more spacious fit around the bed compared to a round net. The mosquito net is finished with cotton borders at top and bottom. These type of mosquito nets are also called ‘box nets’ and create an effect similar to a four-poster bed.

Height: 85″ (215 cm)

Width: 40″ (100 cm)

Length: 83″ (210 cm)


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