Weight7 kg
Carry Capacity

250 kg

length of lying surface

260 cm




Giant – XXL

Minimum hanging distance

420 cm

Minimale ophanghoogte

170 cm

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Very special hammocks of a very special and different Indian people, who have lived for thousands of years on the plains of La Guajira. The hammocks are very wide, 250cm and are double woven, which provides good insulation against the cold nights in La Guajira. They are woven with acrylic yarns, because the bright sun in La Guajira would discolour synthetic colored hammocks too quickly. Note the beautiful fringes, which are each different. That is already unique in the world of hammocks. IS MADE TO ORDER


The Wayuu Indians are famous for their exceptional weaving techniques. Girls have to weave a hammock before their wedding, which takes them months to do. This gives them the technique under their fingers and almost all the Wayuu women are able to weave a beautiful hammock. The hammocks are very wide, 250cm and suitable for an entire Wayuu family. And they’re not really skinny. They are a very healthy people and have inhabited the plains of La Guajira for thousands of years. Their techniques have therefore been developed over a very long period of time and passed on from generation to generation. With the Wayuu people, the women are the boss and the children bear the name of their mother. That feminine element can also be found very clearly in the exuberant and tasteful colors that they use in the manufacture of the hammocks and the beautiful fringes. Since making such hammocks is a whole process, they are not cheap. We pay the Wayuu the price they ask for it. They are well worth it. IS MADE TO ORDER


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